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Empower360: Your Pathway to Hair Extension Excellence!

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Empower360: Class Agenda

1 0:30am

Class participant introduction

–  Lets learn a little about our WHY’S

1 1:15am

Client prep

  • Removal of current Bel Bonita Extensions 
  • Belbonita solution removal
  • How to properly match the weft with the client’s natural hair color 
  • Wash and Blow Dry Clients Hair
1 2:00pm

Break for lunch

1 2:45pm

Application of BelBonita extension

  • Tape/adhesive application measuring and instruction
  • How to measure the weft to the client’s head
  • How to section the hair
  • Explanation of how to properly apply each weft
  • Q&A
3 :00pm

How to cut style and blend

3 :40pm

Business side of hair extensions

  • Tape/adhesive application measuring and instruction
  • How to measure the weft to the client’s head
  • How to section the hair
  • Explanation of how to properly apply each weft
  • Q&A

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